My favorite MindMachine: MindPlace Procyon

September 2, 2010

MindPlace Procyon MindMachine

Me and my Procyon. I guess you can tell we are having a good time... ;-)

Mindmachines DO have an amazing effect on most people. Among other things like improving your health, your IQ, your powers of visualization, they can also help you to fall asleep. You can even train your ability to relax and sleep with them!

The Procyon is my personal favorite. While there are other more specialized mindmachines for “medical” use (like the David PAL series from MindAlive, or the Nova), the Procyon gives you the best mix of serious brainwave entrainment, more “psychedelic”, fun use, and the wonderful experience of full-color light glasses. With a bit of experience you will be able to see wonderful colorful Mandala-like structures, while your brain relaxes deeply and you are carried away to whereever you like…

Well, ok, you see I am somewhat biased on this one. ;-) I own it. I love it.
So will you.

MindPlace Procyon AVS System with Bonus Eternal Elements I & II CD

  • * Stunning Visual Experience
  • * Accelerated learning
  • * Improve focus and attention and relax more deeply
  • * Mood Shifter
  • * Meditation

MindPlace has been designing and building Light & Sound Mind Machines since 1988. The Procyon Audio Visual Synthesizer is our latest and most powerful light and sound machine, an evolutionary development of the Proteus concept. Its sophisticated RGB (Red Green Blue) engine is capable of generating millions of different colors, and the USB port makes uploading of your own customized sessions a snap. Fifty internal sessions provide access to a broad range of beneficial states of consciousness, and

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

Where to buy the Procyon Mindmachine?

Overall, you will find the best prices and fastest delivery on – as usual. That’s why we recommend buying your Procyon mindmachine through them:

Current Price around: $ 269.00


New Project: TheShamanMarketer

August 30, 2010

Marketing can be fun. And spiritual.

ShamanLOLs - funny pictures are part of my new webmarketing blog.

After some years I have decided to blog about webmarketing and related topics again. And since my ways of marketing are influenced by my believes and my spiritual development, the appropriate domain name was ;-)

Most of the content is in German (my native language…), but at least you can enjoy the “ShamanLOLs”, funny (and sometimes almost spiritual ;-) ) images in “icanhascheezburger”-style. And some of the links, recommendations and ads might be in English as well… ;-)

So: visit TheShamanMarketer – Geld verdienen im Internet, The Shaman Way. Enjoy!

Fresh Hypnosis downloads!

July 9, 2009

The cool folks over at have put up a couple of new hypnosis sessions, I bet some of you will want to have a look at them:

Positive Attitude

Breaking Bad Habits

Overcome Affluenza

Take Care of You

Job Search Perseverance

Enjoy and improve your life!

Insomniacs: special hypnosis offer from Wendi Friesen!

March 7, 2009

Just a brief update – I have seen a lot of people are still coming here from search engines (officially the blog is continued over at So I thought I let you know something special – you do not want to miss it, especially if you are someone with sleeping trouble, or the kind of person who wakes up and feels dumb and empty and powerless right away in the morning…

Well, whats on the menu?

I have a crush on Wendi Friesen, that should be clear in the meantime. Strictly professional, of course… ;-)

She is a great hypnotist, and a pretty cool person, from what I can tell. And she loves cats, so there is enough reason to recommend quite exactly everything that comes from her, *lol*

Naaah – just kidding. She is good. And her sessions are second to none – for me they work best, and I have tested a lot.

Now Wendi has a special going on: a new set of hypnosis sessions specifically for those with insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

 Here are Wendi’s insomnia strategies on video- a gift to help end insomnia.


How have you been sleeping?

is devastating and causes stress, anger, exhaustion and frustration. I
know you probably love Wendi’s programs, and she just made something
that I think you might need!
The program she created uses hypnosis and sleep techniques that not
ONLY will help you sleep really well, but will ALSO transform your
issues while you sleep.

Wendi created a video for you that will show you how you can stop
your insomnia right away by using her hypnotic techniques tonight. You
can see it here.

But even more important is what will happen as you are falling asleep. This is pretty amazing.

Imagine letting go… really letting go of fears, anxiety, worries, no matter how bad things are.
As your brain sleeps, you absorb the the words and suggestions and ideas that float into your dreams.
You choose to feel more confident, unstoppable, healthier, worthy of
success, loved- or maybe you want to program your dreams, or solve a
complex problem.

How cool is this? You get to do it while you sleep.

And just before you go to sleep, you decide how you want to feel- it’s like having a therapist right there by your bed!
And if you decide to use the Wake Up Happy session in the morning, you will awaken to a powerful and productive day.

I am blown away by the energy and focus after just the very first morning of using Wake Up Happy.

Here’s why I think you will love this new program of hers.
(and I am letting you in on Wendi’s preview price that is usually only for her members)

The testimonials are mind blowing…

Dear Wendi,
I find myself in each and every one of these CD’s.  I look forward to
doing projects that before I kept pushing to the other side of my desk.
Letting go of fear, lack and the poor mentality is life changing.  Wake up to the belief
that you can wake up to what you want on every level; spirit, emotional, mental and
physical – including wealth and prosperity!  This is HUGE!!!!

 Before I go to bed, I program which CD I’m going to listen to in the morning.  I’m
actually programming my subconscious and dreams because I’m so excited to wake
up and set my positive intentions for the day.  I’m excited to go to bed, instead of
feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, because I can’t wait to wake up!!!

Thank you Wendi, we love you!

Judy Cosentino


My biggest accomplishment after using Wake Up Happy-  The amazing focus and
determination I find I have to accomplish a weight reduction goal and
how it has effected, my attitude at so many levels (Food, Exercise,
Mental Health and Love).

I have often felt overwhelmed, I find
myself breaking things down and systematically working toward
completion.  I feel I am looking for solutions and letting go of places
where I have procrastinated because I was not clear about how to
proceed.  This change has been very noticeable.
Wendi, each one of
the wake up track is just that, a call to wake up the greatness that we
all have inside of us.  I look forward to seeing how extended use will
effect me.  There is so much good stuff on each track that it may take
me a while to absorb it all.  For now I can say the Wake Ups are a
great reminder to think healthy thoughts.
 Thanks for letting me try the trial…   Blessings!!!!!
Charity Vanwey


Wendi-  I actually got out of bed and stayed
up!   My normal routine was to hit the snooze bar two or three times
before actually getting up for the day.
I am getting to work EARLY instead of being late, or just making it in on time.
I’ve been completing projects at home and at work. Undertaking new tasks has not stressed me as much.

I am the classic night owl… I stay up past 12:00am most
nights. That makes it hard for me to get out of bed at 5:30 for work,
and when I do get up, I’m usually dragging my rear-end, hating life in
general. Since  I’ve been using Wake Up Energized and Alert, I get up,
get moving and I get out the door with a purpose. My co-workers have
remarked that my attitude is much better.
This program just may have
saved my job! 
I’m starting this week with Accomplishment and Focus.
I’ve already gotten a big start on a task that I had put off  for
months. Wake Up Happy is one of Wendi’s very best programs!

Konnie Sanders-Smith

So, what are you waiting for?

Take advantage of Wendi’s free gift and the introductory prices!

You want to click here now.
Sleep well!

Blog closed.

January 29, 2008

ok folks – I announced it earlier, now the move has been completed. “Mind Reality” has moved to a new server and has it’s own domain now.

All future posts on

There is a free newsletter, fractal images and animations (soon), brainwave sessions for download, and, – as always – background articles, tips, and recommendations for brainwave / hypnosis related products and services.

See you on the new site!

Again – SleepPhones System: Sleep Headphones with Binaural Beats CD

December 23, 2007

SleepPhones System: Sleep Headphones with Binaural Beats CD

I posted about these already some time ago – and I have to say: YEP! This is the solution for all who want to use their iPod or personal CD player for brainwave entrainment while sleeping (e.g. for insomnia, or for training lucid dreaming and OBEs). No more earbuds slipping out, no fatty headphones preventing sleep, no more problems when turning and moving around in your sleep.

Just click the image above and get your new headdress today!

Mind Modulations AudioStrobe Collection Volume 1

December 18, 2007

Mind Modulations AudioStrobe Collection Volume 1

This collection includes Audio Illusions by Norm Durkee, Dreams in the Minds Eye by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Journey of the Drums by Muruga Booker, Tibetan Highlands by Richard Moffett, and Water Planet by Andrzej Slawinski (Tomas Lab.).

AudioStrobe technology allows you to use specially encoded music CDs with Light and Sound Mind Machines. AudioStrobe music CDs are capable of controlling the lights on these machines to induce an experience much like synaesthesia.

The composers of AudioStrobe CDs attempt to create a visual representation of their music so that the listener can see what the music sounds like while it is playing. The artist can synchronize patterns, colors, and geometric shapes with their music by controlling the light frames with their AudioStrobe composition.

The light signals can be modulated very subtly, reacting to the finest of nuances; an audio-visual art is createdLeft and right LiteFrame frequency and brightness can be independently controlled using this technique. These AudioStrobe CDs lead you through entrancing dreamscapes and mythic journeys towards the deepest realms of your unconscious mind.

The AudioStrobe technique uses a control signal embedded into the music on the CD. Because the signals are mastered at the same time as the CD, a very precise synchronization of audio and visual stimulation can be achieved. These control signals cannot be perceived by the human ear, as they are outside of our normal audible range.

Because of this, AudioStrobe CDs can also be used as normal music CDs outside of a light & sound machine session. AudioStrobe technology was invented in Germany by a composer and biomedical researcher named Andrzej Slawinski. Andrzej created this technology because of a profound interest in synaesthesia. These Audiostrobe CDs are compatible with the Mind Modulations Proteus & Sirius Light and Sound Mind Machines
Customer Review: Very good collection…..
This is a good collection of CDs for the Proteus light machine. The music is well coordinated with the lights and there is a good variety of material…

Music for Brainwave Massage

December 13, 2007

Music for Brainwave Massage

This is one of the CD sets I use on a regular basis. It has no “specific” purpose like many other brainwave sessions. It is a “massage” for your brain, sending you through different states, relaxing, softly tingling, and all woven into above-average “spiritual” music and natural sounds.

Great for beginners, those who are unfamiliar with the deeper concepts of brainwave technology and just want to “try” it and have a good, relaxing, refreshing time.

Which makes it a great gift as well.  Good stuff.

Even Canadians can be hypnotized… ;-)

December 10, 2007

At least that’s what a friend from over there told me, *lol*
Guided Meditations and an extended network of hypnotists all over Canada can be found on that site.
Grab your free romantic hypno session on Hypnosis Toronto

Brainwave Nature Suite

December 7, 2007

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson: Brainwave Nature Suite

CD One

Delta Waves: Sleepy Summer Night

The sounds of a warm summer breeze and evening crickets combined with Delta brainwave pulses lulls you effortlessly to deep restful sleep.

CD Two

Alpha Waves: Ocean Surf Relaxation

Soothing sounds of the Pacific Ocean rolling onto the shores of Olympic National Park combined with Alpha brainwave pulses leads you to states of rejuvenating relaxation.

CD Three

Theta Waves: Rainforest Meditation

Lush sounds of the Brazilian Rainforest combined with Theta brainwave pulses will help you to clear your mind and guide you easily to states deep meditation.

CD Four

Beta Waves: Cool River

The sounds of a cool mountain river combined with high Beta brainwave pulses will uplift your spirit and heighten your mental performance, focus and concentration.

Comment: a WONDERful brainwave collection for those who prefer nature sounds to music or pure brainwaves. And obviously made with “real sounds”, not just the usual standard sampled rain… highly recommended and a nice gift as well!